Automated regression testing of JIRA stories

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When a story is ‘done’ and ‘on the bus’, it’s expected to stay that way until go live. When working in a large team that share a code base, it’s common to break each others stuff.

Automated regression testing has long existed in most applications but for many web sites because it’s impossible to write tests to verify if a website was being displayed correctly. Today opensource tools like Wraith, Huxley, PhantomCSS, PhotoBox etc solve this issue using screencapture comparison techneques.

What will this post help me do?

Automate website regression testing for agile teams that use JIRA. This will prevent you from committing code that can undo previously completed stories.

JIRA stories are used to add test URLs. Every team member can view them which help increase test coverage.

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This started out as a quick project to interactively showcase my mobile portfolio, but turned into a project on it’s own taking a few days to complete. This allows you to embed a mobile site at any size while maintaining the scale of its contents.

You can try it now at

Github project page:

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This mobile web app was created to be device and platform agnostic. It currently works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and any desktop browser without needing to download and install from an app store.

Agile Planning Poker is a estimating technique used by scrum teams to make faster and more accurate estimations using a deck of cards. Now instead of looking for a deck of cards, all you have to do is open on your mobile phone :)

GPL licensed source code available at

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Building a clock based on Arduino


I keep hearing smart watches, wearables, internet of things etc. which got me thinking about the hardware and embedded systems used to create them. As much as I love soldering and reading resister codes I’m ashamed to say the most complicated thing I’ve made was an FM transmitter.

Since I had an Arduino lying around I decided to build a watch to learn more about the hardware side of things. The plan was to build a POC clock using the Arduino and then shrink it to a watch using an ATtiny .
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Host your own Tor site using Apache, Ubuntu & Vagrant


Tor is used by millions around the wold to access information without censorship, government or snooping.

While Tor makes it possible to access censored websites anonymously it is just as easy to host your own anonymous Tor website.

Clone the Vagrant project: and run vagrant up for your own Tor hidden/darknet website.
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