I am a software developer from Melbourne, Australia with over 8 years commercial experience and this is my personal site where I document my thoughts and experiments. I currently work for RMIT University and the co founder of Infinite Studio.

I have been interested in electronics since the day I learnt to use a screw driver which also happens to be the day I destroyed everything around the house with screws in them 🙂 My childhood was spent with a 40MHz 386DX mucking around autoexe.bat to free up that first 640k of memory to play games, but this soon led me to build my first website on geocities in 1998.

I work mostly with open source technologies. I consider myself jack of all trades and a master of few including Javascript, PHP and DevOps. While I am a software developer/DevOps guy/terminal monkey by day, I spend my nights I tinkering with PCBs, LEDs and Arduinos. I love learning new things everyday and currently very much taken up by all things Agile and how it can solve everyday development life cycle issues in a fun way.

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