Absolute position tracking using iPhone magnetometer


A recent project I was working on required absolute positioning and while waiting for Valves lighthouse and Facebooks to open source it’s tracking solutions I thought I’d take a primitive stab at EM (electro magnetic) positioning using a phone magnetometer purely for the purpose of learning the challenges involved. I’m an experienced software developer and a hobbyist hardware hacker, so I tried solving most problems using software where possible. Continue reading

Building a clock based on Arduino


I keep hearing smart watches, wearables, internet of things etc. which got me thinking about the hardware and embedded systems used to create them. As much as I love soldering and reading resister codes I’m ashamed to say the most complicated thing I’ve made was an FM transmitter.

Since I had an Arduino lying around I decided to build a watch to learn more about the hardware side of things. The plan was to build a POC clock using the Arduino and then shrink it to a watch using an ATtiny .
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